7 Online Dating Tips for Women

In today’s atmosphere, it is simply impossible not to fall in love! And if you have not found the hero of your novel, then it’s time to change something. The Internet is one of your allies in this matter. Do you think that only maniacs are waiting for you there? We hasten to debunk this myth. Look at the guys around you: they all use social networks and some dating sites. And this means that now the path to the guy’s heart lies not through the stomach, but through the Internet! Follow our online dating tips for women and never be alone again.

Social networks dating advice for women

Search for him

If you are simply aimed at communication, then social networks are suitable – for example, Facebook. You can study friends of your friends – so if you like someone, you can immediately inquire about him. You can also search in different groups: did you like the comment of some guy? Enter into a dialogue with him and, perhaps, your conversation under the post will quickly move to the love affair.

Make him interested in you

Another online dating advice for puerto rican women concerns your personal account. The peculiarity of social networks (Facebook, Instagram) is that they are mainly used for communication between people who are already familiar and have some kind of relationship – friends, classmates, colleagues, friends in the circle for cross-stitching, etc. That is, being on your page, the guy, in fact, will not be able to determine in any way whether you are considering a dating option – unless, of course, your page is strewn with reposts on the topic “How to find a guy?” or “Top 10 online dating rules for ladies”. 

Therefore, it is good if the profile contains not only your photos but also some information that will interest the guy and which he will be able to use for acquaintance: indicate a couple of books, several hobbies, favorite music. So he will be able to appreciate your taste and preferences, but at the same time, he will not be overloaded with unnecessary information.

Show him your sympathy

To begin with, gently express your sympathy: put a couple of likes, but without enthusiasm. It is better if it will be not only his photographs but also some posts. In the ideal case, he, having noticed your activity, will prove himself: he will like you in return or even text you. But practice shows that boys are sometimes inappropriately modest, so if you text him yourself, the guy will breathe a sigh of relief!

Dating tips for women who prefer special websites

Don’t neglect such sites

Despite the skepticism of people about dating sites, they have several advantages. Firstly, unlike the option with social networks, you know for sure that the guy you like is ready to communicate – otherwise, he would not be on this site! 

Secondly, such resources almost always have ready-made questionnaires containing various questions: in addition to the standard name and date of birth, you can indicate the height, color of eyes and hair, tell about your hobbies and goals of acquaintance.

As for the choice of the dating site itself, it depends on your personal preferences. Someone chooses the good old OkCupid and Mamba. Someone is testing new resources. Recently, Tinder has gained particular popularity – thanks to geolocation, you can find guys who are very close to you and immediately meet him. A little difficulty is that you can only write messages to someone who also chose you. But there is a definite advantage in this scheme: someone will definitely not be imposed on you if they don’t like you. All this joy, as you know, is 18+. So if you’re still a baby, you have to wait.

How to interest him?

As we mentioned above, your registration on the site is already an opaque hint that you are open to communication. How to attract attention to your profile? Add photo! Yes, the “meet by clothes” principle is more relevant than ever! The same Tinder comes down to a simple scheme: you leaf through photos of different guys and like those who liked them. Therefore, a high-quality avatar should be your main hobby. But do not put all your trump cards at once: the photos in which you pose in an ultra-short mini should be left for better times for security reasons. 

How to start a conversation?

As a rule, men feel bolder on sites – at least it’s easier for them to write the banalest “Hello!” to a stranger than in social networks. But still, we recommend you not to be afraid to take the initiative in your own hands and not be shy to write first. It is better if this is not just a greeting, but some kind of proposal that suggests an answer – so it will be easier for both of you to build a further dialogue. This, by the way, is another good way to distinguish your profile from thousands of others and pay the attention of that very handsome man to you.

Precautionary measures

Have you been chatting for a while, and you feel that he is the one? Then it’s time to move on to a new stage. Maybe he likes to skateboard? Ask him to give you a couple of lessons. Or maybe he likes science fiction films? Unobtrusively say that a movie premiere will take place very soon.

On the other hand, on sites, online communication, as a rule, is rarely delayed: so very soon he should invite you on a date. And here the most interesting part begins – a meeting with reality, which may differ from the ideal that you managed to admire in the network. Most importantly, do not be afraid to be yourself and remember that more than 3.5 billion people use the Internet – if it didn’t work out this time, it’d definitely work out the next.