Why are Russian Ladies so Desirable?

They are Beautiful

Any man wants to enjoy his wife’s beauty. For this, many Western guys arrive in Russia to date some of the world’s hottest girls. That’s because Russia is among the top ten countries with the most beautiful women.

There are several reasons for so many gorgeous and hot women in Russia. The first one is genetics. Historically, Russian territories have been inhabited by over 180 nationalities. They include Tatars, Ukrainians, Chuvash and Bashkir people, Chechen people and other Caucasian nationalities, and even Chinese and Koreans. Due to this, different genes have mixed, resulting in beautiful Russian women.

Many Russian women possess Eastern, Asian, and Western features. They are predominantly tall, have healthy curvy bodies, mostly blond and brown hair, and blue or gray eyes.

These women look feminine and, most importantly, feel good about it. They believe in the power of beauty. What is more, Russian girls are professional at makeup. They like making hairdos, applying cosmetics, and picking up trendy outfits to walk around with friends. They love to feel fantastic.

On top of that, most Russian women disagree with body positivity standards. Sure, they accept the idea of loving yourself. But Russian body positivity does not take perverted forms of being proud of obvious health problems, such as obesity. Russian girls are not about the “love my cottage cheese-like butt” mentality. They love shining and taking care of themselves. Due to this, Western men are so obsessed with young Russian brides.

They are Loyal and Possessive

Russians are incredibly protective and possessive when it comes to relationships. Your Russian woman will find all of your female friends, find out women you sent likes to, etc. She might be attempting to look at your phone, chats, and contacts.

Indeed, the Russian perception of personal space differs much from the American one. At the same time, your Russian girlfriend will do that because she considers relationships much more seriously than an American girl.

Due to this, your Russian woman will want to make sure you don’t have affection for any other woman. You may think it is terrible. However, if you are loyal, you will only benefit from it once you build mutual trust since Russian women are incredibly reliable and devoted.

Most of them aim at long-lasting relationships. What is more, they will do their best to save the bond. Usually, Russian girls don’t initiate breakups even when tolerating abusive behavior for quite a long time. If the relationship is dead, a Russian woman will try to do everything until she finally realizes it is over.

Due to built-in devotion, Russian women are the best candidates for becoming supportive wives capable of making your marriage healthy and stable.

Russian Loyalty vs High Divorce Rate

You may question yourself, ”how does Russian devotion even exist, assuming Russia has the highest divorce rate in the world?” Is Russian brides real and unshakable loyalty just a joke? The matter is that alcohol addiction is the top reason for Russian divorces and causes 40% of all breakups.

Interestingly, women don’t drink. As for men, surveys state that they consume over 20 liters of vodka per year on average. Addicted men can stay drunk for weeks and fiercely deny the problem for years. In this situation, divorce is the only way for a woman to start a better life. Americans drink about three times less than Russians. Thus, if you occasionally take some spirits while celebrating your friend’s birthday, a Russian woman will think you are a complete non-drinker.

The second most popular divorce reason is poverty, which is often resulted from the husband’s addiction or inability to find a well-paid job. Again, if you earn enough money to maintain a family and don’t have an alcohol addiction, you can be sure your Russian wife will never think of initiating divorce or cheating on you.

They are Traditional

Unlike the Western world, Slavic countries remain traditional. Russian wives tend to do the most housework, carry heavy bags from the supermarket, and cook delicious meals. Additionally, they combine domestic work with a full-time job.

Women comprise over 48% of the total labor force in the Russian Federation. When it comes to parenting, Russian women don’t usually ask for their husbands’ help, unlike their Western European counterparts.

In close-knit Russian families, men often need to work overtime to maintain the family and don’t take part in babysitting. As a result, women are responsible for housework and children, while men earn money.

The Russian society will remain traditional for decades if not hundreds of years, just like it has always been. Due to this, Russian girls become incredibly caring mothers, knowing how to feed, soothe, and take the baby to sleep.